The church has a long history of collecting tithes and offerings which support and fund the church's mission that we are all called to as disciples of Christ. The collection plate funds are critical to the function of the parish operations and sustaining a vibrant parish community. We thank you for your generosity. 


Ways to Give

Tithes and Offering Envelope

Dropping your tithes and offerings envelope in the collection plate is the ordinary way of supporting the church community financially. The physical, visible gift not only supports the church financially but is a witness for our children, showing the importance of generosity. 

Mail a Gift

Attn: Offering
St. Margaret of York
9499 Columbia Rd.
Loveland, OH 45140


Online Giving

Our lives are complicated and online giving helps you simplify by allowing you to schedule your gifts. Set up automatic giving via We Share. When you set up to give monthly, more of your gift goes directly to our parish. Additionally, when you give digitally through We Share, you can be assured you are giving through a safe and secure platform.

Sign up for recurring giving via We Share. It's easy to sign up and it saves the church processing time.

Give Now


Non-Cash Giving

You are not limited to giving in only dollars and cents. We can accept non-cash gifts, including


Stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, or bequests


Support the gift card program


Real estate, works of art, and other collectibles


Business gifts

Have more questions?

If have more questions about what you can give and how to give it, we are always happy to assist you. 

Jacilyn Jackson
Administrative Assistant