All. In. Update

A Place Set Apart

The Need

When St. Margaret of York was founded, those first parishioners made sacrifices in order to fulfill their need for a Catholic parish in our community. In other words, they went all in. It is now our turn to invest in, and commit to, the future of St. Margaret of York – providing a renewed worship service and invigorated parish experience for our growing community now and in the coming years. To be successful, we need the support of many, not just a few. Just like before, we need SMOY to be “all in.”

Today, SMOY, spiritual home to nearly 2,000 families, continues to form a vibrant and growing community of faith. As our church & school reach out to an ever-expanding local community, improvements are needed to ensure St. Margaret of York offers better access to our campus and facilities, provides for our future, and maintains a reverent atmosphere to encourage the spiritual journey of all who come our way.

Understanding the Need

Several town hall meetings were conducted, and the planning study gathered information from 137 individuals via in-person interviews and 389 households via an online survey.

CCS Planning Study

SMOY Planning Study

What it will take

As a result of the information gathered during the study, it was recommended that SMOY immediately move forward with a minimum goal of $3.5 million and a challenge goal of $4.5 million.

Going All In

This campaign is designed to meet the needs of the ever-growing community SMOY serves. But to succeed, it’s going to need the support of many, not just a few. In other words, this campaign needs you. Are you all in?

Get involved call the parish office at 513-697-3100 or email

Questions about the overall campaign

All. In. is the name of the capital campaign in progress at St. Margaret of York. Based on extensive planning, reflection, and input from our community, this campaign seeks to address specific current and future needs. We are raising funds to build a new main entrance, reconfigure our parking lot, add storage space, finish our basement, expand school facilities; and contribute to the Archdiocese’s One Faith, One Hope, One Love campaign.

Every household in the parish will be asked to prayerfully consider a gift to the All. In. campaign.

The active campaign will take place through May 2016. Pledges will be paid over a five-year period.

Questions about giving

All parishioners are being asked to prayerfully consider a specific amount. However, only you can determine the amount of your gift. Consider the various plans in your packet. Please remember, we need the participation of every family and the sacrifice you are able to make is truly a generous gift, regardless of the size.

Parishioners need to know what levels of support are necessary to meet and exceed our campaign’s financial need. A gift amount is suggested for each family to prayerfully consider. This amount is not a mandate or an assessed contribution. No judgement is made on the level of gift you or others make. We only ask that you pray about what kind of sacrifice you are able to make.

Your family and your situation are unique; only you can decide what gift you are able to make. You are simply asked to prayerfully consider a specific gift. Whatever your response, it should be one of choice and sacrifice.

Our level of need means that the success of the campaign rests largely on pledges payable over five years. In addition, by making a pledge, you are able to donate more than would be possible with a one-time gift.

Yes! The weekly offertory funds the normal operating expenses of the parish. We depend on these contributions for our daily operations and ministries.

Yes! A range of other possibilities exist, including: credit/debit card, automatic withdrawal, electronic fund transfers, bequests, and stock. Please contact the parish for more information.

Your pledge to support the campaign is made in good faith. Should you need to reduce or stop your pledge payments, please contact the Catholic Community Foundation at 844-260-4483.

It certainly would be easier. However, it definitely would not be fairer, and would ensure that a parish does not reach its goal. Because people are blessed differently, a principle of the campaign is equal sacrifice, not equal giving. We all give to the parish at varying degrees. While all parishioners should be contacted, those with little giving history are least likely to give to a major campaign. Therefore, asking for equal amounts from everyone would put the campaign in jeopardy. However, if we ask for different amounts based on past generosity to St. Margaret of York, we challenge all to give as they are able and according to their blessings, and in the process, help ensure All. In.’s success.

Questions about the project

Yes. In November of 2015, a planning study was conducted by CCS Fundraising to test the feasibility of a capital campaign. The study was conducted through in-person interviews with 130 individuals and 389 online surveys. The study found that majority of parishioners were supportive of a campaign, however it should strictly focus on the needs of the parish. Through the study, these needs were identified as a new main entrance, reconfiguring the parking lot, additional storage, finishing the basement, and making school renovations.

Yes, the playground and a ballfield are included in the new plans. As indicated in the study, parishioners had concerns over losing both the ballfields and playground. Therefore, the playground and a ballfield will be kept near the main entrance of the church.

The archdiocese is currently conducting a $130 million campaign, One Faith, One Hope, One Love, to benefit catholic education, support fostering vocations, retired diocesan priests, local parish priorities, and catholic charities and social services. Every parish within the archdiocese has been given a goal to support the One Faith, One Hope, One Love campaign. Since St. Margaret of York is conducting its own capital campaign, our goal has been reduced from $1.8 million to $1.26 million.

No. In order to have funds to begin construction, the archdiocesan portion will be paid in installments over 3-5 years.

Yes. Father James was involved in developing the newly revised plan and supports the capital campaign. A thank you letter and the campaign prayer, written by Father James, are included in the campaign brochure.

Yes. The Pre-K rooms will serve as babysitting rooms during mass.

Yes, the tabernacle will be moved into the worship space.

No, the altar will not be raised. As indicated in the study, raising the altar was not indicated as an immediate need of the parish.

In order to not add to the debt, construction will not take place without the money in hand. Everything raised above the goal will go toward debt reduction.

Yes. The construction will take place in stages, however only if the money is in hand.

Our goal is high and generous gifts need to be made by all parishioners to reach it. We are asking all parishioners to make a pledge over 5 years.