Relics of the Holy Spirit Center
at St. Margaret of York

December 3, 2021
1:00 - 8:00pm

Be a Saint, what else is there? Father Bedel’s catchphrase inspired us to bring the relics of seven great modern-day saints to SMOY. They’ll be here for our parishioners and visitors to venerate and to learn more about. Saints are our older brothers and sisters in Christ, both modeling holiness for us and praying for us in Heaven. The relics are generously being loaned to us by Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center.   If you don’t find your favorite Saint in our Seven Saints, we encourage you to take a look at many more relics that are housed at the Holy Spirit Center and plan a visit there.  Not so sure about all these bones and pieces of clothing and what they mean? Check out some of our links below to learn what relics are, how to venerate them, why we venerate them, and the stories of the lives of these Seven Saints. For questions, contact Birgitt Hacker at

Relic Guardians Needed

We are in need of volunteers to guard the relics on the day of the event.

Be A Guardian

Meet the Saints

Do Catholics Worship Saints?