Family Faith

Build Your House on Rock - Matthew 7:24

What is Family Faith?

Family Faith brings St. Margaret of York families together once a month to learn about the life of Jesus Christ, His teachings, our Catholic Faith, and helping families pass on a living faith. At home, parents will foster their relationship with Christ and help their children fall in love with Jesus as they journey toward Heaven as a family.


On one Sunday of each month, families meet together to experience our Faith through teaching, discussion, and activities. The discussion and activities are broken up into age groups such as Parents (Adults), High School Age, Jr High Age, Middle School, Primary, and preschool, depending on the number of families who register.

At Home

Throughout the month, parents are given lessons to choose the activities and discussions they will do as a family at home to learn and experience our Catholic Faith.

2021 - 2022 Schedule

  • September 19

  • October 17

  • November 21

  • December 19

  • January 9

  • February 13

  • March 20

  • April 10


What happens at Family Faith?

Community and Fellowship

At the start of the gathering, we will have a light breakfast because we know eating together is a great way to encourage community and get to know each other.


The teachings will equip families to engage in that month’s topic and inspire discussion at the table and home. They will be short, but there will also be additional resources available for parents who have more questions. This year’s teachings will be onboarding through the  Domestic Church program and Pflaum gospel weeklies.

Conversation and Activities 

Families will learn through specific discussions, lessons, and activities that involve the whole family. 

A typical session format looks like this:

  • Meet and greet: 15 mins
  • Light breakfast: 15 mins
  • Teaching: 15 mins
  • Discussion and activities: 30 mins -- Break Out age groups.

When does Family of Faith begin? When are the dates of the Other Sunday Gatherings?

We will begin on September 19. 

What time?

Each Sunday session will begin at 9:30 am and last about 75 minutes.

With Family of Faith occurring between the 8:30 am, and 11:00 am Masses, it will be easy to choose the Mass that works best for your family. If the 5:30 pm Sunday Mass or 4:30 pm Saturday Mass is better, that’s great, too!

All families are invited to register for Family Faith.

Frequently Asked Questions

The mission of the family is to guard, reveal and communicate love. The family is the place where children first encounter the love of God the father and learn to care for another. In this busy world, it is hard for families to be present to each other and have quality time. At SMOY we want to help you to do that, for as St. Mother Teresa says, "The family that prays together, stays together."

No. There are two lessons to teach each month, along with a variety of family and child activities. Each lesson should take no more than 30-45 minutes to complete and requires minimal preparation on the part of the parent.

Family Faith gives parents easy-to-understand content and step-by-step instructions for each activity, helping them gain knowledge of the Faith and confidence as they teach it. Various tools are also available to help parents turn potentially problematic situations into successes, such as what to do when a child asks a question you do not know. Each month parents will be equipped and supported as they help their children to fall in love with Jesus through the everyday practices of our Catholic Faith.

Because Family Faith helps parents make it an organic part of family life, it is perfect for parents with children of all ages.

Students preparing to receive First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion (usually in second grade) or Confirmation (usually in eighth grade) will have additional sessions throughout the year with a catechist to prepare them for those sacraments.

Family Faith is $50 for the entire family, which includes the cost of the materials.

Courtney Brown
Courtney Brown
Director of Evangelization and Discipleship