Scam Alert!

You've heard it before but just in case you have missed the memo: the scam we told you about back in September and again in March is active again and targeting our parish community. These cyber criminals are impersonating Fr. Bedel and Fr. James asking for money, gift cards, etc. If Fr. Bedel needed gift cards he would buy them in the office through our SMOY Shopper Gift Card program which helps support the parish. Please make your family, friends, and people in your life who are vulnerable to these scammers aware and be on the lookout so you don't fall for their tricks.

Cybercriminals have gotten far more sophisticated in their tactics and below we have listed a few things to look out for. Please be aware of this scam and help spread the word among our community.

Tips for identifying a Phishing Scam Email and staying safe:
The “name” on the sender’s email address may match that of your pastor, the actual email address will be different than the pastor or staff’s church email address.
Any email message that asks for money, in any form (including gift cards, banking information, etc.) should be verified by contacting the perceived “sender” directly, in person or by phone, before responding via email, text, etc.
Scammers sometimes try to initially engage the recipient with an email (without asking for the above information), trying to get them to reply.
These scammers continue to target religious organizations because their methods work (people send them money without asking questions).

If you are suspicious of any email or even a phone call that appears to be coming from St. Margaret of York pastors or staff please know that we welcome contacting the parish office (513.697.3100) to verify if it’s actually coming from us. Thank you and stay safe, parish family!
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