Scam Alert

The cyber criminals are at it again pretending to be Fr. Bedel, other pastors, and possibly even staff members asking for money, gift cards, etc. Please don’t fall for their tricks and make your family, friends, and people in your life, especially those vulnerable to these types of scams aware.

Some of your are probably being called to support SMOY more and there are many ways to do this that don’t always involve money. Give your time, such as becoming a core team member for the middle school or high school youth group, stepping up to be a booth chair for next summers SMOY Fest, or just invite someone to join RCIA this Fall! The possibilities are limitless! On the other hand if you want to increase your giving or supporting SMOY via the SMOY Shopper Gift Card program that’s always an option too and is appreciated.

As always, if you are suspicious of any email or even a phone call that appears to be coming from St. Margaret of York pastors or staff please know that we welcome you contacting the parish office (513.697.3100) to verify if it’s actually coming from us. Thank you and stay safe, parish family!

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