The Kreidler Family Educational Gift

Since St. Margaret of York’s origin in March of 1984, our community has been blessed with wonderful spiritual stewards such as our third pastor, Father Tom Kreidler. From 1996 through 2008, Father Tom guided the St. Margaret of York community. He spiritually nurtured and encouraged our community to grow in faith. In addition, we were blessed to know his family on a personal level through his homilies. Through these interactions, we have come to love and recognize the Kreidler Family members as deeply devoted to the Catholic faith with a strong commitment to Catholic education. This devotion to our Lord and commitment to Catholic education provided the inspiration for The Kreidler Family Educational Gift.

The Kreidler Family Educational Gift is an annual award that recognizes an active St. Margaret of York youth parishioner who lovingly reaches out to others in the name of Christ. This youth is a current or incoming high school student who demonstrates a willingness to serve others at SMOY and the community at large. Additional characteristics taken into consideration are participation in our parish activities and sound academic standing.

Each year, SMOY’s Pastoral Council will accept applications for this educational gift. The amount of the gift is $1000 and, when awarded, shall be applied directly towards tuition expenses for a Catholic high school. The gift is nonrenewable, but may be awarded to the same St. Margaret of York youth parishioner a maximum of four times. SMOY’s Pastoral Council will determine the recipient, taking into account the characteristics described above. The parish office will be responsible for overseeing the financial aspects of the gift. The recipient will be recognized in May and the award money will be sent directly to the youth’s Catholic school of choice.



This year, the application and nomination forms are in an electronic format. Applications and supporting nomination forms are available below. Completed applications along with nomination forms must be submitted no later than April 22, 2024.

(Applicants must submit 2 nomination forms)

Application Form

Nomination Form