Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist assist the Ordinary Ministers, Bishops, Priests, and Deacons, in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Our Lord when the Priest requires assistance.

All minister of Holy Communion should should receive sufficient spiritual, theological, and practical preparation to fulfill their role with knowledge and show the greatest reverence for the Most Holy Eucharist by their demeanor, their attire, and the manner in which they handle the consecrated bread or wine.

Eucharist for the Homebound

Eucharist for the Homebound is a ministry that brings the Eucharist into the homes of sick, ill, and recovering parishioners. If you would like to have the Eucharist brought to you or a loved one or you would like to participate in this ministry please contact the ministry leader.

Ministry Leader: 
Fr. Stephen Hughes

Communion Service & Rosary

Thursdays: Traditions
Friday: Sheridan

Ministry at the Lodge

St. Margaret of York "Mass at the Lodge" Ministry brings the Eucharistic celebration to elderly at the Lodge nursing home.

These are people who can not get out to come to Mass, therefore we have Extraordinary Minister who volunteer to bring Christ to the elderly every Sunday and on Holy Days.

Ministry Leader: Patti Hawkins