May 8, 2022

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

Today is World Day of Prayer for Vocations. All of us have a vocation. But before our minds go in a hundred different directions with images of vocation, what does “vocation” mean? It means God calls us to be His own. And being God’s own is the best definition of “holiness.” We belong to Him. Vocation means we are called to live as his chosen sons and daughters. As we are faithful to Him in our vocations, we usher in His Kingdom and He sets us up for eternal communion with Him, sainthood. Yes, we are all called to be great saints.

Most people are called to the vocation of married life. We need to hear more often that marriage is holy. Spouses are faithful to this calling when helping each other get to Heaven is the primary focus. And most married couples are blessed with God’s gift of children thus giving spouses a second vocation as mother and father. Before Easter, we had our parish mission. The line I remember best from Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers was when he said we would meet God after death and He would ask: Where are your children?

I imagine this line was striking for most parents hearing it. It was also for me as a spiritual father. So, we see that no matter if we are called to marriage, holy orders, religious life, or the chaste single life, we are created to answer a call to holiness and help those around us answer the call to holiness. How are you doing in living your vocation and helping others to answer their vocations?

Be a saint. What else is there?

Written by Fr. Jason E. Bedel

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