In October, the stained glass cross that once hung from the rafters in the sanctuary was moved to the newly constructed entrance, where it welcomes everyone who comes to worship here at St. Margaret of York. Many parishioners have expressed the desire to return a crucifix to the sanctuary. This past weekend, a crucifix was present once again in the sanctuary.

This crucifix comes to us from the closed San Carlos Borromeo Catholic Church that was located on W. Seymour Ave. Since the closing of the parish, the community now worships at St. Boniface in Northside. San Carlos Borromeo had been the home to the Catholic Hispanic community in Cincinnati since 1998 and is comprised primarily of immigrants from Latin American countries. The crucifix, however, is much older and dates back to at least 1952 when the parish’s interior was redecorated. Beyond that not much is known about the history of this crucifix.

The gift of this crucifix from San Carlos Borromeo is greatly appreciated by the St. Margaret of York community. As we receive the precious Body and Blood of our Lord in the Holy Eucharist we can fix our eyes once again on the visual reminder of the sacrifice of Jesus and return to our pews to give thanks to Him. If you have thought that this crucifix while beautiful, looks a bit out of proportion with the interior of our church remember that it is only temporary. As pledges to the All. In. Campaign continue to be received, we move closer to the goal of building our new reredos, altar of repose, and crucifix that matches the size and majesty of our church.

For questions about the All. In. Campaign please contact:

Mike Ott

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