If you’re a regular 11:00am Sunday Mass attendee, you might notice a “Red Zone” of reserved pews beginning in November and some special Rites happening over the next 5 months. That’s because we are in the RCIA process of bringing inquirers into the Catholic Church. We sit together with them and their families, their sponsors and families, and the RCIA Team.

What are we celebrating on Sunday, Nov. 20th?

The Rite of Acceptance and Welcoming is the first-time inquirers will be moving from the stage of casually inquiring about the Faith to the Catechumenate. Catechumens, those preparing for their Baptism, will participate in the Rite of Acceptance. They will publicly declare their intention to continue their journey towards becoming Catholic. The Candidates, those who have been previously baptized in another Christian denomination, will participate in the Rite of Welcoming. They will publicly declare their intention to continue their journey toward full communion with the Catholic Church.

What is the Signing of the Senses?

This is a very moving part of the Rite. It consecrates all of a catechumen’s body to serve the Lord, ears that they might hear the voice of the Lord, eyes that they might see the Glory of God, lips that they may respond to God’s word, hearts that they might let God dwell there by their faith, shoulders that they might bear the gentle yoke of Christ, hands that they may make Christ known by the work they do, and feet that they may walk in the name of Christ. You might wonder why we don’t do the same for those who are already baptized and that’s because, by nature of their baptism, they are already consecrated to Christ.

What’s our part, as a parish?

During the Rite, we welcome and accept with great love the commitment of the Catechumens and Candidates to learn the ways of the Catholic Church and live their lives in Christ. We pledge our support during their journey of faith. We are witnesses of Christian living. We “walk the walk” of our faith. We love and pray for them with sincere and unfailing support.

We have ten wonderful people committed to RCIA this year. Stop by the “Red Zone” after Mass and say hello and offer them your prayers.

Written By: Birgitt Hacker

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