May 6, 2024

There are many nice parts of our campus here at St. Margaret of York Parish. One of them is the water feature behind the church. However, this has been more and more of a concern. The fountain and pond are unattended, and small children have fallen in the water. The thought of having something on our property that could be dangerous to children is frightening. The last thing we want to happen is that one of our little ones could be placed in a potentially treacherous situation.

Along with the hazard of water itself, the pond is used by deer and other animals who leave their droppings at the bottom as they go in for a drink of water. This brings bacteria into the mud, making the water itself possibly toxic for anyone who might inadvertently swallow some of it or get it in their eyes.

Also, because of the slime, bacterial growth and algae, the bottom of the pond is very slick and slimy, making it very easy for someone to slip and fall and be unable to get back up on their own. And if that were not enough, the pond itself has a plastic liner, and deer have very sharp hooves which slice into it. So, the liner is now in shreds, making the water unhealthy for the fish.

Therefore, after much consultation, thought and prayer, we will fill the pond with good soil, and plant a garden in honor of Our Lady, whose beautiful statue is already present there. Along with that, our parish has someone who will contribute the fill-dirt for the pond, a high school parishioner who will plant the flowers and greenery, and a future Eagle Scout who will build new benches for people to use as they go to our Mary Garden to pray.

I think that this will be a beautiful and safe addition to our parish. I am grateful for the many people who have helped make this decision, and who will be part of the completion of this project.

God bless you!

Fr. Ed

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