As I wait for these last few days of my pregnancy to pass so I can hold my child, I am in constant awe of how God’s design allowed for the woman’s body to carry a child. It is a most sacred space where mother and child are intimately connected and the unborn child only knows perfect love, protection, and warmth. During pregnancy, every need the child has is immediately met and the bond between mother and child unbreakable. The womb could even be considered a “Garden of Eden” for the unborn child.

Today the division felt on the issue of life couldn’t be more apparent. Both sides tell a different story and the sacred space that once would have been a place of complete safety has become anything but that. From womb to tomb we have seen an increase in the devaluing of life in each stage of development. This stands in complete opposition of what God originally had in mind for all of humanity. Each life at each stage is infinitely loved by our Creator and we should love, cherish, and respect ALL life because God has set this as the perfect model for us.

Unfortunately today, this sacred space can become a place of violence and death. How has this come to be? Why does precious innocent human life threaten our society so? There is no easy answer to these questions and each individual arrives at a decision of life or death for a great many reasons. As I write this, my purpose is not to judge any mother or father who has been touched by an abortion experience. In fact, I want you to understand that my response to you is complete love and non-judgment. I want you to know that I am, along with a great many in our parish community, here to support you. You are loved!

Many issues face our society today and while consideration should be given to all, we must consider the status of the unborn in our country! How can we stand by silently as innocent children are being condemned to a violent death? Abortion is an unseen evil. We know it happens and yet we rarely see the effects of this. We must work together to build up the Culture of Life! There is so much to do and so many lives are at stake! No mother arrives at the decision to end their child’s life easily. It is a complex decision and our response to someone who has made this choice can only be love and non-judgment. We must consider how we can help the mother who has lost a child to abortion and bring her the healing she so desperately needs. We must embrace the men who have lost fatherhood because of choice. We must help those who are in need and struggle to choose life because they fear the expense of raising a child or are not in a place where they are capable to do so.

Consider the status of life in our country today. We must all work together and defend life beginning at the earliest stages in the womb. We must cultivate relationships with those who are at risk by offering support, love, and donation of our time, talent, and treasure. You can make a difference and save a life. As we consider the status of the unborn today and look to our leaders we must commit ourselves to not being silent on the issue of life. We must call, petition, march, and make life-affirming issues a priority beyond the ballot box.

All life is precious. As these last few days pass and I look forward to the first moment I can set my eyes on my child, I know that the love I will feel in that moment is a sneak peek of the infinite love God has for each one of us. It is unconditional and knows no boundaries. The love that radiates is because I am and nothing more. This is the love that God intends for all of us and the love that was first experienced in the Garden of Eden. Let us work together to love each other at every age and every stage with this unconditional love. By doing so, the status of the unborn is restored to an awesome and precious miracle! We should all stand in amazement at God’s love for us as co-creators of the kingdom of God.

Written By: Erin Flege

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