For four decades, the Church of Saint Margaret of York has been a cornerstone of faith for the Catholic community in southern Ohio. Since its establishment in March of 1984, our parish has shone brightly as a sanctuary of spiritual enrichment, faithfully upholding the teachings of the Catholic faith.

Celebrating 40 Years

Smoy 40th Anniversary Slide Show


Building Blessings Brick By Brick

ALL. IN. Campaign Entering the Final Phase

All of what is depicted in the video is happening this summer. Thanks to the generosity of this parish we are now beginning the final phase of the All In Campaign's original building plans. It includes a complete safety remodel of the school's front entrance. The project is slated to run from May - November and will bring much needed improvements to the school building. If you did not have an opportunity to give to the All In Campaign, you may still make a contribution at anytime to this project and we thank you in advance for your continued generosity.

St Margaret of York Parish School Proposed Addition and Renovation