St. Margaret of York Tuition Assistance Policy

St. Margaret of York provides Financial Assistance for St. Margaret of York parish families with children enrolled in our school if all the following criteria are met:

  • Family is registered and is active in St. Margaret of York parish life for one calendar year prior to filing for financial aid. Active in parish life is defined as regularly participating in St. Margaret of York parish ministries, regularly contributing financially as circumstances allow, and attending weekend liturgy. 
  • Students must have been enrolled at St. Margaret of York School the school year prior to receiving financial aid. 
  • Financial aid forms must be completed on line with the third party processing agency prior to April 30, 2020.  Late forms will not be processed. 
  • If a financial crisis occurs during the course of a school year, parents will have an opportunity to request financial assistance by contacting the Director of Administration and Finance and completing the application process. 
  • If financial circumstances change, prayerfully consider repaying the parish for the assistance received. 
  • This policy is effective immediately.