Anointing of the Sick
Who can receive the Anointing of the Sick? How often? Where is it done? The video below from Catholic Communication Campaign: "Sacraments 101" provides the answers to these questions and more!

Anointing of the Sick

The Anointing of the Sick is a sacrament of the Church in which the priest prays for, lays hands on and anoints the sick person with blessed oil. It may be preceded by the Sacrament of Reconciliation and followed by Eucharist.

If you are experiencing an illness, injury, impending surgery or weakness due to age, there is a powerful help available for you here in our Church. The benefit of this sacrament allows you to experience the peace that God alone can give. It is natural and wise to turn to God, our Father, and to Jesus, our Savior, with your needs -- physical, emotional and spiritual.

The sacrament may be repeated if the recipient suffers for a different illness or injury or if the same illness or condition becomes more serious. Elderly people may be anointed if they have become weakened even though no serious illness is present.

If you would like to receive the Sacrament of the Sick, please contact the Parish Office at 697-3100.