SMOYfest Information

Summer has officially arrived and we're still looking for some volunteers to join the SMOYfestivities and chair a few booths!

Open booths include: Split the Pot, Bars & Bells, Prize Pull Tabs, Coin Pitch, Basketball Toss, and Crayon Toss.

New this year: Kids games can be run by kids! Get involved in the SMOY community and rack up some service hours by chairing one of the following - Bean Bag Toss, Post Office, Penguin Fish Fling, Skee Ball, Cashier, Junior Basketball Toss, Fish Pond, Plinko, and Lollipop Pull.

Check for updates by "Liking" our Facebook page and sign up to chair a booth on our SMOYfest website!

Future SMOYfest Dates:

2017: July 28-30
2018: July 27-29
2019: July 26-28
2020: July 24-26


SMOY Fest 2017

July 28, 29, & 30, 2017


6:00pm – Midnight

- The Rusty Griswolds
(8:00pm - Midnight)


5:00pm – midnight

- Wing eating contest sponsored by Bucks (time to be determined)

- The Rusty Griswolds (8:00pm - Midnight)


3:00pm – 10:00pm

- The Red Stings (3:00pm)

- Second Wind (6:30pm - 9:30pm)

VIP Seating each night, Rides, Food Trucks, and we're just getting started! More details will be coming your way soon!