Confirmation Prep
A parent meeting for Confirmation will be held Thursday September 14th at 7:00pm in the Church. Confirmation prep small groups will begin Sunday October 8th. This year, our youth ministry has developed and launched a new site devoted to Confirmation Prep. This site provides detailed information on the Sacramental formation program for our 8th Graders and their parents. Come along for the journey to a deeper relationship with Christ. 

Click here to explore the site.

Confirmation 101
Why do I have to get confirmed if I’m already baptized? How do I choose a sponsor as I prepare for confirmation? Why do I have the option to choose a new name? Confirmation is one of the three sacraments of initiation in the Catholic Church, with baptism and Eucharist. Think of it as a personal Pentecost, when we receive the tools we need for our spiritual journey — the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The video below from Catholic Communication Campaign, Sacraments 101, provides the answers to these questions and more!