Parish & School Staff

The main number for St. Margaret of York Parish and School is 513-697-3100
You will be prompt to choose "1" for Parish or "2" for School
Numbers below are direct dial; If a number is not a direct dial, a 4-digit extension number will follow the main number.


For the email address of a staff member, please click on their name to bring up Outlook, or right click to copy the address.

Gift cards will only be sold until 4:30pm, Mondays thru Thursday, and 3:30pm on Fridays.

Pastor Fr. Jason E. Bedel 513.697.3101
Parochial Vicar Fr. Maria Raju Pasala 513.697.3102
Deacon Ray Kroger 513.677.2878
Deacon Jeff Perkins 513.226.6665
Deacon Paul Blessing  
Pastoral Associate of Liturgical Music Tony Arnold 513.697.3107
Coordinator of Religious Education Melissa Capella 513.697.3105
Virtus Safe Environment Coordinator    
Pastoral Associate of Birgitt Hacker 513.697.3114
Adult Faith Formation & Ministries  
Director - Finance and Operations Mike Ott 513.697.3103
Bookkeeper Mary Beth Hogan 513.697.3108
Communications Coordinator Michelle Manczyk 513.697.3111
Office Manager Kathy McGaughy 513.697.3109
School Principal Kristin Penley 513.697.3123
School Assistant Principal Rosemary Rotuno-Johnson 513.697.3124
School Admissions Coordinator &
Office Manager
Allison Holland 513.697.3122
School Administrative Assistant Stacey Brandel 513.697.3121
St. Vincent de Paul 513.697.3100 ext: 3005

Maintenance Issues:
If you notice an issue with our facilities please reach out to the School Office Manager or the Parish Office Manager so we can address the issue. Thank you.



Parish Council

In addition to St. Margaret of York's Pastoral Council, there are 4 Commissions; Commissions typically meet once a month from August to May.

Education Commission
Finance Commission
Social Action Commission

Worship Commission