Education Commission
The Education Commission is a group of parishioners, elected by their fellow parishioners, who represent both the parents of school children and the parish at large.  The Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the Pastor and the administrators of St. Margaret of York Parish School on matters pertaining to the planning and operation of the school.  The Education Commission provides counsel, evaluation and recommendations on issues and needs facing the St. Margaret of York Parish School.  

The Commission meets monthly with the School Administrators and the Pastor, along with representatives from the faculty, Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and Pastoral Council.  Education Commission meetings are held the second Monday of each month, August through May.  These meetings are open to interested parishioners and parents of St. Margaret of York Parish School children. 

Contact information:  Because of the varied needs of the school community, we often seek additional volunteers to assist with committee work. Committees meet as needed throughout the school year. Please contact a member of the Education Commission to offer your strengths to our mission.


Education Commission Parent Liasions

To assist in communication with the parent community, the Education Commission has appointed three members to serve as parent liaisons.  Their role is to assist in communication between students, parents, faculty, and administration.  They serve as a point of contact for all parents with children in the grades represented, available to answer questions or address concerns for parents.  The liaisons may also present general opinions and concerns of the overall parent community to the Education Commission.  In addition, since the parent liaisons serve on the commission’s Internal Communications Committee, they may assist school administration in communicating major changes in programs and policies to parents.  The liaisons are available as an additional resource, however it is encouraged that your first line of communication be with faculty and the administrative staff as questions or concerns arise. 

If you find great things happening at SMOY or with SMOY students, faculty, or administration, please share those too!  If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns, please contact the appropriate liaison: 

Grades K-2 – April Rongo      
Grades 3-5 – Terri Shannon  
Grades 6-8 – Karen Kinross  
Education Commission Members | 2017 - 2018
 Name Position Committee Year on Commission*
 Matthew Byrne Chair Stewardship, Facilities, & Grounds (Chair) 3
 Nicole Schiesler Vice ChairAcademics & Co-Curriculars 2
 Megan Davidson SecretaryAcademics & Co-Curriculars 1
 Susanna Abell Member Advancement & Paublic Relations 1
 Karen Kinross Member Stewardship, Facilities, & Grounds 4
 Emily Martin Member Academics & Co-Curriculars (Chair) 3
 Kim Meyrose Member Academics & Co-Curriculars 1
 Laura Rushman Member Advancement & Paublic Relations 2
 Amy Schlessman Member Advancement & Paublic Relations 4
 Terri Shannon Member Advancement & Paublic Relations 3

*Education Commission members are elected for 3-year terms and may choose to re-confirm for an additional 3-year term.


 Name Position Committee
 Collen Leonard PTO Representative Stewardship, Facilities, & Grounds
 Vacant Pastoral Council Representative
 Peter TarnowskiFaculty Representative Stewardship, Facilities, & Grounds
 Fr. Jason Bedel Pastor
 Kevin Vance Principal